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Our clients benefit from our expert knowledge of inclusive access standards and our project methodology.


Our clients benefit from our expert knowledge of inclusive access standards and our project methodology.

Convinced that the concept of Universal Design is a key component to good architecture and design while facilitating social inclusion, we seek to achieve universal accessibility, where possible, by applying best practices standards through a user-centered approach.

This is in line with current national and international legislations that seek to move towards a more inclusive society, and place a wide range of duties on organisations to ensure that all people get the chance to participate fully in society.

Trained architects and new-technology experts, our access consultants offer a tailored access consultancy service to our clients, providing expert knowledge to design and client teams, at all stages of the project.

OKEENEA brings together the access expertise of EO Guidage, Access for All and Univaccess.

Our company OKEENEA relies on two founding principles : decrypting specific needs and developing inclusive digital solutions.

By reunifying the 3 entities under a single brand, the group of companies proposes to its clients, owners and facilities managers, highways engineers and public transportation systems managers, a global approach towards access. This implies services such as : access consultancy, consultation with the stakeholders of the project, the development of inclusive access solutions, its manufacture with or without implementation, in simple and complex projects.


Co-founder and Associate Access Consultant

DPLG architecture degree – ENSAPB Paris - France - 2001
Master in Accessibility and Inclusive Design - University of Salford - United Kingdom - 2012

Marine Semichon is a qualified architect and senior inclusive access consultant. Having worked for several years as an architect in Paris, Berlin and London, Marine decided to turn to consulting to assist designers in resolving access issues.

She joined the London-based access consultancy David Bonnett Associates early 2009, where she gained experience working as a lead access consultant on a number of prestigious large-scale projects, such as museums, urban developments and historic buildings.

She then joined EO Guidage in 2012 before cofounding the inclusive design consultancy UNIVACCESS in 2013.

Marine also teaches Inclusive Design in Architecture schools since 2003 in order to raise students' awareness of accessibility issues. She is also a regular speaker at conferences on the theme of accessibility.

Sylvain Denoncin is an international expert in inclusive technologies and universal design. He undertakes consultancy work on a regular basis and gives lectures in several European countries, the Middle East, the USA and Russia. He also contributes to several standardisation committees, such as AFNOR and ISO on the subject of accessibility in the built environment.

He has a particular interest in new technologies and their potential to improve the mobility of disabled people through the use of smartphones and wireless or touchscreen technology. The issues of safety and evacuation for people with disabilities is also central to his concerns and expertise.


Co-founder and Chief Executive