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At every stage of the project, we provide user-centered services, adapted to the project's and client’s constraints.


At every stage of the project, we provide user-centered services, adapted to the project's and client’s constraints.

Inclusive access strategy

We define an access strategy, that takes into account the client's prospective vision for its estate and the project key issues and set out the key project objectives to achieve inclusive access.

  • Definition of a strategy to improve access to buildings and services;
  • Facilitate access consultation meetings involving the project stakeholders and access group participants;
  • Identify organisational solutions and staff training actions;
  • Draft technical access guidelines as a framework for implementation.
Project support

We offer consultancy services to design teams and clients at every stage of the project.

  • Identify access issues and make recommendations based on user-centered design;
  • Assist the design team in developing innovative and sustainable access solutions;
  • Review plans in progress, existing access audits and access statements;
  • Provide guidance for optimising the project in line with available budgets;

Place the user at the centre of the design process.

  • Identify panels of inclusive design experts and users representatives;
  • Facilitate and chair access consultation meetings in order to include future users' needs into the project’s design;
  • Draft a joint report to provide a framework for implementation and monitoring of the project.
Assessment and monitoring of the project in use

Measuring the impact of improved access in social and economic terms.

  • Draft and revise the access register of the building or estate;
  • Develop tools to monitor access and measure its benefits for users;
  • Carry out joint reviews with facilities managers and users of the project;
  • Consider opportunities for the implementation of technical or technological solutions.
Communication and new technologies

Expertise in accessible communication strategies and inclusive new technologies. Univaccess carries out daily international monitoring of new technologies and innovative inclusive projects.

  • Conduct information and communication audits, including new technologies;
  • Carry out studies on the relevance of technical solutions for specific requirements;
  • Provide guidance for drafting inclusive new technologies standards (web and embedded);
  • Draft multi-sensory wayfinding guidelines (signage, audio beacons, tactile surfaces).