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Grand Paris Express

  • Grand Paris Express

Grand Paris Express

Design brief for the passengers information system - Paris - France - 2014-2016

The passenger information system design brief aims to define a global strategy providing continuous information to everyone in the Grand Paris Express transportation network. This chain of information consists of a series of physical and electronic equipment set up within the network train stations. It also includes information that users can access remotely via internet or mobile applications.
As access consultants, we advised the design team and drafted the sections of the design brief relating to access issues, focusing on wayfinding and inclusive signage as well as the use of equipments in future stations. A consultation process was also undertaken with local access groups (including disabled people) as part of the validation process of the proposed design principles.


Société du Grand Paris


Intégral Ruedi Baur, Figs

Access consultant

Univaccess, lead consultant: Marine Semichon


Design brief